The firm started up its operating in 1993 under the name of CB&S Contadores Asociados. Its three founder partners developed their activities in domestic private companies and in multinational and foreign companies and their aim was the development of their own office.

Some time later, they achieved their goal basing their success in the close relationship and personalized dedication with their clients, keystone which remains solid and is diferencial factor of our firm.

“To be a first-class professional firm of Consulting, Auditng and Outsourcing that works with companies of first class in accordance with the high quality levels of demand ”

Our view is that our clients choose us for trusting in our high level of professionalism, our cooperators have passion for knowledge, love the quality and respect of people dignity, and being bound up with working as a team for the satisfaction of our clients needs.

Our services characterize for:

  • Commitment with the quality
  • Deep experience
  • Specialization in different fields
  • Integral view aimed to business
  • Appropriate supervision

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