• Auditing
    As an IEC member and in order to provide optimal service, the Auditing Committee is permanently updating its techniques, which comply with all International Auditing Standards, and include all the information, working papers and questionnaires needed to carry out a high quality, effective and efficient audit.

    In addition, IEC is a member of the Forum of Firms of the IFAC.

    The services provided in the area are the following:

  • Auditing of Accounting Statements
  • Limited revision of Accounting Statements
  • Compilation of Accounting Statements
  • Integral revision of Internal Control Systems
  • Auditing Procedures as previously agreed upon with the Client
  • Outsourcing
    The services rendered in the area are as follows:  

  • Book-keeping services (entry and maintenance of accounting data)
  • Preparation of accounting reports
  • Preparation of Balances and Accounting Statements
  • Setting up of companies (corporations, limited liability companies, etc)
  • Salaries
    The services rendered in the area are as follows:  

  • Salary liquidation of personnel and of all provisional liabilities
  • Contracts of Employment on Trial
  • Human Resources
    The services rendered in the area are as follows:  

  • Personnel Recruitment (mid – management and executive positions)
  • Job Descriptions, job satisfaction surveys and remuneration policies
  • Tax and Corporate Advice
    The services rendered in the area are as follows:  

  • Local and international tax plans
  • Preparation and revision of Tax Sworn-Statement
  • Tax Audits
  • Investment Plans Advice
    Under Investment Act (N° 16,906) and its regulatory decrees, we provide advice on tax benefits, which are important for the promotion of investments and decision making of local and international clients.


  • The services rendered in the area are as follows:  

  • Public Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labour Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Legal and notarial advice to businesses
  • Preventive legal Auditing within commercial law and labour law
  • Legal and notarial advice on the reformulation and execution of contracts
  • Obtaining residence and citizenship
  • Advice on purchases – sales and auctions
  • Real estate advice (investments and acquisition of land and buildings

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